29 MP High Resolution Camera | Hikvision Machine Vision GigE Vision Series New Product

With the coming wave of Industry 4.0, machine vision is being familiar with more and more people. It becomes eyes and brains of manufacturing system instead of an auxiliary machine vision system can help to improve both quality and efficiency during manufacturing processes.


Currently, industrial cameras are widely used as the core component of machine vision systems. The requirement for machine vision is also increasing, with the development of autonomous manufacturing and the improvement of products’ quality and management level. The existing 10 MP cameras cannot meet the needs of high-precision detection, such as LCD/ FPD defects detection.


The techniques of image acquisition, image storing, and image processing are critical for a high resolution camera. Hikvision Machine Vision, by putting great efforts into research and quality control, has developed the 29 MP camera based on the advantage of camera technology that is inherited from Hikvision. And this camera will bring an unprecedented application experience of high quality image to customers of autonomous manufacturing industry.




Ø  Extremely High Resolution

High quality CCD sensor with global shutter;

Resolution is 6576*4384 pixels;

Pixel size is 5.5 um*5.5um;

High sensitivity with low noise;

Excellent Smear control capacity.




Ø  Extremely Wide Dynamic Range

Dynamic range of this camera is 64 dB;

Effectively present slight contrast features;

Satisfy the requirement for dynamic range in various industries;

Typical application: LCD/ FPD inspection, PCB inspection.


Ø  A Large On-board Memory

GigE interface provides transmission distance up to 100m (without delay);

2 Gb on-board buffer ensures stability of the system and can be used to save abundant images;

A more effective memory management mechanism can temporarily break the 1000 Mbps image transfer bottleneck.


Ø  ISP Built In Camera

The built-in ISP can process HD images with high performance.

It is assembled in clean room (100 degree) where dusts are effectively prevented and the product quality is strictly controlled.

▲ Tap balance correction (left before correction, right after correction)


▲ Defect pixel correction (left before correction, right after correction)


Ø  Typical Applications

The 29 MP cameras can be applied to large size and high precision process detections and finished products’ inspections, such as monitors, color sorting, FPD, solar panels, and PCB, etc.




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