Given HIKVISION extensive background and technology advantage in audio and video, imaging acquisition, core algorithms and other areas, HIKROBOT has researched and developed VPU Platform Smart Camera. This camera is embedded with Intel-based artificial intelligence platform-Movidius VPU chip, which can be widely applied in 3C manufacturing, auto parts and electronic semiconductors. 



Movidius VPU chip




The chip is equipped with 12-core processor and two 32-bit RISC, providing superior algorithm performance and flexibility. In addition, the acceleration of the hardware system is optimized for visual processing.  In order to ensure good performance and function, VPU adopting more advanced integrated circuit technology, greatly reducing the size of the sensor and making device miniaturized. Meanwhile, VPU is combined with technical means effectively to reduce the power consumption of each computing unit.

Efficient and stable algorithm

Movidius VPU Camera is equipped with 1.3 mega pixel image sensor and image quality is excellent. HIKVISION’s independent innovation bar code recognition algorithm is also embedded into the camera to read code efficiently, which can achieve 60fps image processing performance with a better ability to handle fuzzy, dirty and broken codes.



★ 1.3MP sensor can capture the image at 210fps speed

★ high precision positioning and bar code reading rate up to 99%

Flexible and reliable structural design

Adapt a compact structure design and IP65 protection grade, which is able to meet variety of complex industrial environment needs. In addition, the multi-optical interface design could match the M12 and C mount lens, which is suitable for the flexible selection of application.





★ C mount lens and M12 lens can be chosen to configure, which is convenient and flexible

★ Light source lamp cup design optimization, ensuring stable and uniform lighting

★ Gigabit Ethernet interface provides 1Gbps bandwidth, the maximum transmission distance up to 100m (no relay)

★ Waterproof connector, various IO interfaces provide access to multiple input and output signals

★ CE, FCC, RoHS certification

Convenient installation and favorable operation experience

Movidius VPU Camera adapts special integrated light source design and integrated installation, which can be expanded a variety of colors and different angles of the light source lighting, to achieve a powerful reading function. Friendly interactive, the use of trigger setting, tuning double button design, support one key trigger, fast learning, combined with multiple indicators, on-site installation and debugging without PC assistance, fast and simple.




★ Multiple trigger modes (single-frame trigger, multiple-frame trigger, Burst) enrich application for the customer

★ Multiple indicator lights guide process of setup and display performance

★ Multiple parameter sets support saving, loading and switching


Modern society has entered the era of information technology. Image algorithms have also been widely applied in traffic capture, face recognition and other security areas. The VPU platform smart camera have brought the new generation of artificial intelligence image processing technology into the Machine Vision. Advantages of VPU platform smart camera compared to the conventional Machine Vision products are super image algorithm performance and cost-effective. 


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