Vision China Show (Shenzhen), Highlights of Hikvision Machine Vision

On June 28th, the 12th Vision China Show (Shenzhen) was grandly held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Hikvision Machine Vision showed its full line up machine vision products, including area scan, line scan, 3D and industrial smart cameras. Smart barcode reading, alignment and other maturely applied solutions also been showed in the exhibition.





29MP High Resolution Camera with Cameralink Interface

29MP High Resolution Camera adopts high quality CCD with industry leading performance. The resolution is 6578*4384 pixels and the pixel size is 5.5 um. Global shutter, high sensitivity with low noise and excellent Smear control are key features of the camera. CameraLink interface provides higher data bandwidth. The camera is compatible with GigEVision or CameraLink and GenICam protocol, which provide more choices for customers.


VPU Platform Smart Camera Specified for Positioning

VPU platform smart camera is developed by Hikvision Machine Vision based on Intel VPU platform, which is specified for positioning. The built-in high precision template matching algorithm is independently developed which can reach the sub pixel precision and over 10 fps positioning speed to make it suitable for workpiece translation, rotation, scaling and showing the difference under different illumination.


25MP High Resolution Camera with 10GigE Interface

10GigE Camera adopts high speed global CMOS sensor and frame rate can reach 40fps at 25M resolution. The theoretical output bandwidth can reach 10Gbps and the entire control and process algorithms are realized in FPGA. While the data bandwidth is sharply increased, this interface can also be compatible for GigE, which makes the camera as a high cost-effective acquisition and transmission solution.


New OCR Tool based on VisionMaster Vision Software Platform

Newly developed OCR tool of VisionMaster, utilizes a deep learning OCR algorithm based on convolution neural networks and attention models, which recognition rate can be greater than 99%. Without the need for segmentation of characters, direct end-to-end recognition can be achieved. It can deal with multiple lines, twisting, complex background, dot matrix and other issues, which greatly enhances the OCR algorithm performance.



3D Camera based on Structure Light Scanning

Structure light scanning 3D camera continuously acquires cross-sectional shape of objects and integrates complete 3D images by adopting line laser lighting and high-precision one-dimensional translation mechanism. The camera can reduce the effects of material surface texture. While achieving high resolution, it can also maintain a high level of depth accuracy and reliability.


Equipped with a standard machine vision interface, the camera can measure the 3D shape and volume of objects quickly and easily. It is suitable for PCB inspection, tire character recognition, parts measurement, track defect detection and other fields.


16K Line Scan Camera

16K line scan camera consists of 16K resolution multi-line CMOS chip, which maximum line rate can reach up to 50 kHz, supports software and hardware trigger. The camera has rich image correction functions as well.


This camera is applicable to PCB inspection, LCD defects detection, raw material sorting, high resolution inspection of some semiconductor parts.


Based on a strong history of accumulated technical knowledge in the fields of voice and image processing, Hikvision Machine Vision has formed its own unique advantages by enriching the product line and improving the industry solutions constantly. A strong independent research and development team and national laboratories ensure that the hardware, software and underlying algorithm of all products are developed by ourselves, which has strong adaptability and can meet customers’ requirements by customized development. At the same time the world-class production lines and quality management systems carry out a strict control for product quality.


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