Hikrobot Showcases New Products at Vision Show in Germany

The three-day Vision Show, a globally grand show of machine vision, came to an end on November 13, 2016 in Stuttgart Germany.


As its first show in Germany, Hikrobot has shown its full-line products of industrial cameras from 0.3MP to 10MP, including industrial area scan cameras, line scan cameras, stereo cameras, independently-developed industrial smart cameras, vision controllers and three important new products: a M platform smart camera, 8MP and 29MP high-end CCD industrial area scan cameras with large target surface, which were shown for the first time to the global professionals and drew tremendous attention at Vision Show.


M Platform Smart Camera - VPU Chip Based Intelligence


Relying on Hikvision's technologies accumulated in video and audio and its continuous exploration in machine vision, Hikrobot takes the lead in combining AI technology and machine vision technology and succeeds in independently developing the M platform smart camera. The M platform smart camera adopts VPU chip, the latest AI platform of Intel that has a 12-core processor and two 32-bit RISCs and thus can provide cameras with great algorithm performance and flexibility. With strong self-learning ability and user-friendly man-machine interaction, the M platform smart camera can be triggered via one touch. Moreover, its on-site installation and debugging can be finished without the assistance of PC, which is extremely fast and convenient.


Thanks to the low power consumption of the VPU chip, the M platform smart camera is not only smarter and smaller, but also can well adapt to multiple service environments.




8MP and 29MP High-End CCD Industrial Area Scan Cameras with Large Target Surface - High Definition and Efficiency


The cameras adopt CCD component with excellent imaging performance and resolution from 8MP to 29MP, and feature 5.5 um pixel size and a maximum dynamic range of 64 dB, thus satisfying the demands of high dynamic range in various industrial applications. Equipped with GigE interface, the CCD industrial area scan camera with large target surface can transmit images to as far as 100m and instantaneously break the limitation of 1000 Mbps bandwidth on network image transmission through the combination of a 2Gb on-board storage that can be used for caching multiple images and an efficient memory management mechanism.



Deliver a Direct Feeling of Performance with Dynamic Demonstration


Smart Camera Code-Reading Demonstration




By simulating the code-reading environment of logistics, production line and other fields through high-speed rotation of a turntable, the industrial smart camera (left) and the M platform smart camera (right) could take pictures of the fast-moving bar code and correctly read the bar code information. Hikvision smart cameras can read all types of bar codes with high-speed image acquisition and processing function, especially in logistics code reading, packaging detection, 3C processing.


Dynamic Demonstration of CCD Industrial Area Scan Cameras with Large Target Surface



The 8MP and 29MP high-end CCD industrial area scan cameras with large target surface are equipped with high-performance Kodak CCD sensor. It features wide dynamic range and high SNR, and can provide detailed images with higher quality even if the images are magnified several times. The cameras can be widely used in optical metrology, and the process monitoring and finished product detection during the production of large format products including phones, flat panel display and liquid crystal display.


Dynamic Demonstration of 3D Laser Scanning Camera


Using linear laser illumination and high-precise one-dimensional translational mechanism, the 3D laser scanning camera could constantly collect the cross-sectional shapes of an object and composite its complete stereo image. Equipped with a standard machine vision interface, the camera can rapidly and easily measure the 3D shape and volume of an object, and is applicable to various fields including PCB detection, character recognition of tire code, parts measurement and rail defect detecting.


Dynamic Demonstration of High Frame Rate Camera



The system uses a plug and play area scan camera with USB 3.0 interface. The demonstration reflects the camera's ability to capture fast-moving object and precisely reproduces the motion process of the object. The compact and lightweight USB 3.0 area scan camera is easy to install and can stably output high-quality images, featuring high transmission speed and strong anti-interference capability.


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