Hikvision's Machine Vision Family Shines at the Vision Show 2018

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Boston, US – April 13, 2018 – The Vision Show 2018, North America's leading showcase of machine vision organized by AIA, concluded on April 12 in Boston, USA. On the east coast of the USA, Hikvision exhibited its latest machine vision technology to more than 2,000 machine vision professionals from all over the world.


At its booth, Hikvision featured its complete family of products such as high-resolution camera, smart camera, and line scan camera. Here comes a review of the key exhibits.


Smart Code Reading


▲Efficient code-reading with X86 Smart Camera and VPU Smart Code Reader



Hikvision X86 Smart Camera is embedded with code reading algorithms to support reading codes, QR codes, and DPM codes with a large depth of field and field of view. This IP67-rated camera is suitable for use in a great variety of industrial applications. 



Hikvision VPU Smart Code Reader is equipped with Movidius, the latest AI chip of Intel, to make the reading process faster, more accurate and stable. The product consumes less power and space.


Innovation for Precision



High-definition image captured by Hikvision 25MP 10GigE Area Scan Camera





Hikvision 10GigE Area Scan Camera reaches the maximum transmission bandwidth of 10 Gbps. As a high cost-effective acquisition and transmission solution, the Hikvision 10GigE Area Scan Camera could be applied in high-precision processing and detection in manufacturing, metal processing, electronic semiconductor and other fields.




Hikvision 29 MP High Resolution Area Scan Camera comes in a pixel size of 5.5 μm and incorporates a global shutter CCD sensor. The recently launched Hikvision 43MP Ultra-high Resolution Camera features a more powerful sensor and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. It can be applied in areas such as screen check, SMT/PCB AOI, FPD detection, and high-precision measurement, bringing a higher level of precision, automation, and efficiency to manufacturing processes.



Hikvision Area Scan Cameras employ the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which enables stable camera synchronization to be triggered within 1 μs over a simple network protocol.


Line Scan Cameras



Application of Hikvision 4K/8K CameraLink Line Scan Camera for HD Detection





Hikvision 4K/8K CameraLink Line Scan Camera adopts a 4096/8192 pixel CMOS sensor that takes the line rate up to a maximum of 100kHz/40kHz, while delivering excellent image quality with multiple trigger modes. The camera can be used for HD detection in industries such as transportation, packaging and printing, metallurgy, glass, and manufacturing.


Hikvision also exhibited other products from its machine vision portfolio, including vision controllers, lenses, and algorithm software platforms. Hikvision's exhibition proved to be a hit with numerous professional visitors present at the booth.




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