HIKVISION & DAREAVISION | Highlighting Machine Vision at South Korea

Seoul, South Korea – April 27, 2018 – Hikvision's Machine Vision and DAREAVISION jointly exhibited at the Motion Control & Machine Vision Show in South Korea.


The three-day exhibition featured the core technology of high-precision manufacturing equipment—motion control and engineering design. It aimed to introduce cutting-edge motion control and machine vision products from exhibitors at home and abroad, and provide direction for the future of the industry.


At the exhibition, Hikvision Machine Vision presented its complete family of machine vision products, including high-resolution industrial area scan cameras, line scan cameras, stereo cameras, industrial smart cameras, vision boxes, and lenses. Its brilliant dynamic display and professional comprehensive explanations were well received by the visitors.


Hikvision VPU Smart Code Reader





Hikvision X86 Smart Camera




Hikvision X86 Smart Camera is embedded with code reading algorithms to support reading codes, QR codes, and DPM codes with a large depth of field and field of view. This IP67-rated camera is suitable for use in a great variety of industrial applications.

Hikvision Industrial Area Scan Camera



Hikvision Industrial Area Scan Camera is equipped with high-quality CCD chips or CMOS chips with resolutions ranging from 300,000 pixels to 43 million pixels. A wide range of products are provided with high-quality image.

Hikvision 29 MP High Resolution Area Scan Camera


600 2900大靶面.jpg

微信图片_20180424220800 拷贝.jpg

Hikvision 29 MP High Resolution Area Scan Camera comes in a pixel size of 5.5 μm and incorporates a global shutter CCD sensor. The recently launched Hikvision 43MP Ultra-high Resolution Camera features a more powerful sensor and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. It can be applied in areas such as screen check, SMT/PCB AOI, FPD detection, and high-precision measurement, bringing a higher level of precision, automation, and efficiency to manufacturing processes.

Full-series Industrial Cameras on Display

微信图片_20180424220930 拷贝.jpg

微信图片_20180424221026 拷贝.jpg

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Dareavision, one of Hikvision's agents, was established in 2000. As a well-known agent in the machine vision industry in South Korea, it provides comprehensive inspection solutions for prime customers and core equipment in South Korean and international markets.


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