Hello Hannover Messe & CeMAT | Hikrobot and Partners Join Forces to Forge Ahead in Intelligent Manufacturing

Hannover, Germany – April 27, 2018 - The five-day global logistics trade fair CeMAT 2018 was grandly held in Hanover, Germany from April 23 to April 27, 2018 (time in Germany). Hikrobot and its partners Huawei, Intel and KUKA jointly presented an impressive lineup of intelligent manufacturing technologies.

As the largest international industrial event in the world, the CeMAT in Hanover showcased cutting-edge industrial automation, transmission, energy and digital technologies and products of the factories of more than 5,000 well-known companies from more than 70 countries under the theme of Integrated Industry - Connect & Collaborate.

Mobile robot cluster handling, smart camera code reading, and robotic arm coordination . . . innovative and intuitive demonstrations attracted numerous local and overseas experts to the booth.

Seamless integration of mobile robots and eLTE-U technology


At Booth No. D38, Pavilion 6 of the Hannover Exhibition Center, we demonstrated the deep integration of Hikvision's mobile robots and Huawei's eLTE-U technology. Together with KUKA's robotic arm, we have created unmanned intelligent robot logistics solutions.

▲ Hikvision's mobile robots in collaboration with KUKA's robotic arm

The KUKA robotic arm places the cartons, which represent goods, on the mobile robots. Under the control of the Robot Control System (RCS), Hikvision's mobile robots will carry the goods orderly, and pass through the gantry, at which point the goods are scanned by the Hikvision X86 Smart Code Reader Camera overhead, and the robots will then return the goods to the KUKA robotic arm.

The perfect application of Intel chip technology in smart cameras


Hikvision's industrial smart cameras and vision boxes based on Intel architecture were showcased at Booth No. D18, Pavilion 6.

Hikvision VPU Smart Code Reader

Hikvision VPU Smart Code Reader is equipped with Movidius, the latest AI chip of Intel, to make the reading process faster, more accurate and stable. The product consumes less power and space.

Hikvision X86 Smart Camera


Hikvision X86 Smart Camera is embedded with code reading algorithms to support reading barcodes, QR codes, and DPM codes with a large depth of field and field of view. This IP67-rated camera is suitable for use in a great variety of industrial applications.

▲ Hikvision Vision Box


Hikvision Vision Box is integrated with Intel E3845 SoC, 1.91 GHz CPU; the Gen7 GPU can be optimized for specific algorithms to improve image processing performance; there are two Gigabit Ethernet ports with Intel chips and the enhanced anti-surge design provides high-level protection for the ports to ensure stable access for machine vision cameras.



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