UKIVA | Hikvision's Machine Vision Products Present at UKIVA Machine Vision Conference Today


Milton Keynes, UK – May 16, 2018 – Today, Machine Vision Conference hosted by UKIVA was successfully held in Milton Keynes, UK. The conference brought together world-leading industrial vision companies, and more than 50 professional seminars were held during the same period. Exhibitors presented industrial vision applications in such fields as medical diagnostics, automobile, video, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and transportation.


Hikvision's machine vision products were grandly unveiled in Britain following the successful exhibitions at CeMAT in Hanover, and Control Messe last month. At Booth 48 of Arena MK, Hikvision presented the whole series of machine vision products including high-resolution industrial area scan cameras, industrial smart cameras, vision boxes, and lenses. Attendees were impressed with professional presentations and wonderful illustrations.


Hikvision Smart Camera Reads Codes in High Speed


Hikvision VPU Smart Code Reader reads bar codes on turntable at a high speed of 4 revolutions/second and with an accuracy rate of 99.9%. Equipped with Movidius, the latest AI chip of Intel, the product makes the reading process faster, more accurate and stable with less power and space consumed.



Hikvision Industrial Area Scan Camera



Hikvision Industrial Area Scan Camera is equipped with high-quality CCD chips or CMOS chips with resolutions ranging from  0.3MP to 43MP. The area scan cameras cover multiple interfaces including GigE, USB3.0, CameraLink and 10GigE. A wide range of products are provided with high-quality images.



Professional team delivered detailed interpretation with video demos


Hikvision's machine vision products focus on industrial vision sensor applications and underlying algorithm software and hardware technology, providing customers with leading machine vision products and algorithm software platforms which can be widely used in manufacturing, electronic semiconductor, logistics and other industrial automation fields to achieve positioning guidance, measurement, defect detection, code reading, OCR identification, and other applications.


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Industrial Automation Fiesta 2018

June 6-8, 2018

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