CeMAT 2018 | Hikrobot released beyond expectations new products

After one year long waiting, CeMAT Asia 2018 was held grandly today at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Hikrobot, with the theme of “mobility creates value, IoT empowers intelligent design”, brought seven main products from four main series of new mobile robots, including Latent Series, Conveyor Series, Autonomous Series and Fork Lift Series as well as Logistics Code Reading System. They all made an astounding appearance at the W3-B2 booth, integrating black technologies into demonstration scenes, exploring a new direction of intelligent logistics with professional customers.


▲ Onsite occasion


Farewell to traditional warehouses

We built a smart factory at CeMAT

Powerful robot "Cast Lineup"

In the light, drum and expectations

Three demonstration scenes are staged......

Mobile Robot Dynamic Demo Area

Scene 1 – Robot Mobilization

A Latent Mobile Robots (MR-Q3C-LE600) carries a shelf, where two color objects above. An Autonomous Mobile Robot (MR-Q3L-VR040A) can quickly recognize the colors and locate the objects, grabbing them to the “standby” Conveyor Mobile Robot (MR-S1CH-RN010) on the other side. 

2-Q3-复合型 动图-2.gif3--复合型-高式分拣-Q3 动图.gif

Then Conveyor Mobile Robot transports these two color objects to an empty shelf, which accurately placed into the corresponding positions. The above three different series mobile robots are centrally scheduled by the Robot Control System.

At the same time, two Fork Lift Series Robots are also staged. A robot (MR-F3L-SS110A) excellent performs 360-degree direction. 


The Fork Lift Robot (MR-F5L-SS314A) identified the disorder pallets, and then adjusts position and trajectory to accurately fetch pallets. The pallets were then placed one by one in order, which showing the unmanned and intelligent conveying.



Scene 2 – Speed and Passion

With the screen and lights conversion, two groups of Latent Mobile Robots (MR-Q3C-LE600) coming from both sides, at about 2 m/s, creating an orange hurricane at the scene.

6-Q3走直线 动图-1.gif

The Fork Lift Robot (MR-F5L-SS314A) utilizes 360 degree laser scanning radar, combined with a self-developed navigation and positioning algorithm. It can repeatedly position itself with a precision of ±1mm, allowing a fine needle to hit a bull's eye with 100% probability.

7-叉车插笔 动图-1.gif7-叉车插笔 动图-2.gif

Scene 3 – Interstellar Travel

A group of Latent Mobile Robots (MR-Q3C-LE600) changed formation again, moving in a figure of 8. The vision navigation and laser navigation can be switched freely for smooth movement when robots pass through 2D coded areas and un-coded areas. This scene shows that Hikvision Mobile Robot can effectively cope with the high requirement of site for in-plant logistics application.

8-Q3 8字 动图-1.gif

Cast lineup

Hikvision Latent Mobile Robot



l  Vision and laser navigation, free switching navigation mode

l  Two-wheel differential drive, 2m/s maximum operating speed

l  Front vision obstacle avoidance: can effectively identify obstacles below the chassis through image analysis

l  Supports automatic and rapid battery replacement


Hikvision Autonomous Mobile Robot



l  SLAM laser navigation, easy deployment and flexible routes

l  ±10mm stop accuracy, 1.5m/s maximum operating speed

l  Six-degree-of-freedom cooperative robotic arm for operations at any posture in the space

l  With a professional obstacle avoidance laser, ultrasonic inspection, contact anti-collision strip and sound and light alarms

Hikvision Conveyer Mobile Robot



l  For express sorting on steel-free platforms

l  ±10mm navigation/stop accuracy, 2m/s maximum operating speed

l  With a self-scan laser obstacle avoidance, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance and double pneumatic anti-collision strip


Hikvision Fork Lift Robot



l  Omnidirectional movements and stronger spatial adaptability

l  High-precision navigation and positioning algorithms with control precision of ±5mm


Hikvision Fork Lift Robot



l  Stable operating speed 2m / s and more

l  High-precision navigation and positioning algorithm with control precision of ±5mm

l  High-precision vision positioning sensor, which can identify disorder pallets and adjust its positioning to achieve loading and unloading

Mobile Robot Static Demo Area

In this area, you will “encounter” the relatively small Latent Mobile Robot (MR-Q2C-LE100A), which also supports free switching between vision and laser hybrid navigation; Conveyor Mobile Robot (MR-S2C-TN020 and MR-C3C-UB120), which can match automatic shuttling requirement at different scenes; and the Fork Lift Robot (MR-Q3C-VE250A), which supports the "box-to-person" function and greatly improves storage and sorting efficiency.


Machine Vision Dynamic Demo Area

The new six-sided scanning system perfectly combines the new line scan camera with the smart code reading camera, which solves the difficulties of uncertain label position, low reading rate and difficult tracing. It has made the unmanned operation of information collection, greatly improved the logistics productivity.


Six-sided Scanning System


l  Flexible system: 8.9MP code reading camera on five sides, horizontal resolution up to 4096 pixels, 8K line scan reading module at the bottom, omnidirectional coverage and ultra-large visual field. Can be customized, easy installation, regulation and maintenance.

l  Friendly interaction: smart software operation, one-button connection, convenient debugging, clear interface and perfect function

l  High adaptability: self-development code reading algorithms, high reading rate, and high adaptability to bar code distortion, wrinkles, laminate, etc.

On the other side of the loop line, the dynamic code reading and positioning system can carry out contour segmentation, independent code reading and rejection positioning of multiple express shipments on the conveyor belt. And provide visual prompt at the backend system, assist employees to pick up and reject express shipments, and realize 100% input of order information!


Machine Vision Static Demo Area

This area displays Hikvision industrial line scan code reading modules, stereo cameras, smart code readers, lenses, light sources, static reading kits, which widely used in the logistics industry.


Our Moment of Glories

On 6th Nov. afternoon, "2017-2018 Best Innovative AGV Product " award ceremony was held by China Mobile Robotics Industry Alliance and New Strategic Robot Industry Research Institute. “Hikvision Production Base Intelligent Warehousing Robot System” was recognized by industry experts, winning the “Best Market Application Innovation Award”.



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