First-hand glance of VISION 2018 in Stuttgart

November 6-8, VISION 2018, a global gala for machine vision, kicked off in Stuttgart Messe, Germany.


With its newly released 50MP, KAI50140 CCD CameraLink industrial area scan camera and 31MP CoaXPress industrial area scan camera, Hikrobot attended VISION in Germany. At the exhibition, the company also showcased its product 25MP 10GigE area scan camera, standard area scan cameras, line scan cameras, smart cameras, smart code readers, and 3D cameras, bringing about the latest technology and trend on machine vision to visitors.

Let's have a close look at Stuttgart Messe and experience Hikrobot's moments at VISION.

High Resolution Camera


▲31MP CoaXPress area scan camera

Application in PCB inspection

The new 31MP CoaXPress area scan camera is equipped with Sony "Pregius" series latest image sensor IMX342 with a resolution of 6464*4852. It adopts 4 x CXP-6 connections with a frame rate up to 18fps. Its application in PCB inspection was also demonstrated in the exhibition.


▲50MP CameraLink area scan camera

Application in Flat Panel Display Inspection

The new 50MP CCD sensor camera -- the first camera based on KAI50140 CCD in the world which  has a super high resolution of 10440*4800 with a pixel size of 4.5μm and a frame rate of 4fps. Its unique cooling technology ensures very low dark current, and the 2:1 view ratio is the best choice for Flat Panel Display (FPD) inspection.


▲25MP 10GigE area scan camera

Catch the moment of falling sand in a sand clock

The star product 25MP 10GigE area scan camera can reach 10Gbps long-distance transmission with a frame rate up to 40fps through a single cable. Therefore, it is a solution with high bandwidth and more cost effective. The product can be applied in high-precision assembly and inspection in 3C and electronic semiconductor industries.

05 CH系列GigE工业面阵相机.png5-2900万.gif

▲29MP 2.5G area scan camera

Application in 3C electronic industry


The 29MP 2.5G area scan camera has a resolution of 6576*4384 and a pixel size of 5.5μm, and adopts 2.5G transmission technology with the frame rate of 6fps.

3D Camera


▲3D information collection of static targets by DLP stereo camera


In addition to the integration of binocular imaging and 3D structured-light vision technology, the DLP stereo camera can reach submillimeter-level inspection with embedded high-precision measurement algorithms. The gigabit Ethernet port can reach high-speed image transmission and real-time output of point cloud data, which is suitable for collection of spatial and contour data of static targets, such as 3D positioning, grabbing and guiding.

03 3D激光轮廓传感器.png7-3D激光轮廓传感器.gif

▲Collection of contour information of moving PCBs by 3D laser contour sensor


The 3D laser contour sensor can reach micron-level inspection with embedded self-developed high-precision algorithms. The sensor supports real-time output of deep data and point cloud data, allowing users for secondary development. It is suitable for collection of high-precision contour information of moving targets.

X86 Open Platform


▲The Halcon based vision software running on X86 open platform


The X86 open platform supports many third party library vison software and is easy for users to develop their own vision applications. It is IP67 protection, provides flexible LED lighting control and has rich IO interfaces such as USB, VGA, serial port and GPIOs. With users' self-developed programs, the platform can realize positioning guidance, dimension measurement, ID/OCR identification and defect detection.

VPU Smart Code Reader


▲VPU smart code reader reads high-speed rotating DM codes in real time


With Intel's high-performance AI Movidius processor, the VPU smart code reader has a powerful deep learning function has a powerful deep learning function. The camera features compact size, low power, high decoding efficiency, accuracy and robustness. The embedded image sensor resolution is 1.3MP and the camera output interface is Gigabit Ethernet.


▲Vision sensor detects the presence of medicine box on the turntable


The vision sensor demonstrated the presence detection. With a compact size, power functions and simple settings, the product is mainly used in presence and orientation detection in auto parts and production of food and drugs.

Line Scan Camera


▲8K industrial line scan camera is shooting a high-speed rotating roller


The 8K line scan camera adopts the high-quality CMOS image sensor with line rate up to 100 KHz, low distortion and high reproduction. It can be applied in inspection of vehicles, package and printing, metallurgy and glass, and the 3C industry.

Standard Industrial Camera

01 CE系列GigE工业面阵相机.png12-工业相机拍摄磁悬浮地球仪.gif

▲Imaging of standard industrial cameras


With high-quality CCD or CMOS image sensors, the area scan cameras cover resolutions from 0.3MP to 50MP. There are multiple output interface options such as GigE, 10GigE, USB3.0, CameraLink and CoaXPress. The SDK is user-friendly and can support multi-camera view. The outstanding ISP algorithm ensures excellent image quality.


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