Hikrobot is a global manufacturer and supplier of mobile robot and machine vision products. Relying on the over 1000 R&D staff, Hikrobot develops business lines including Mobile Robots, Machine Vision and Drones. Keeping the faith of hardware devices and software platforms innovation, it is committed for us to continuously promoting the intelligentization and leading the process of intelligent manufacturing.

Growth Path

Built Machine Vision Department
  • Machine Vision Department
  • AI Team Founded
Lauched 1st Self-developed Product
  • 1st GigE Area Scan Camera
  • 1st Latent Mobile Robot
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Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. Found
  • Deployed nearly 800 robots in a manufacturing factory
  • 1st USB3.0 Area Scan Camera
  • GigE Line Scan Camera
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  • about.year.events2016.item5
Widen Product Layout
  • SLAM Technology Applied
  • 1st HD CCD Camera
  • Conveyer Mobile Robot Applied
  • Forklift Mobile Robot
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Built Global Marketing Network
  • Global Marketing Network
  • 1st 10GigE Area Scan Camera
  • 1st Line Laser 3D Camera
  • Directive CE Certification
  • CTU Robot
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  • about.year.events2018.item7
Provided service to over 10,000 Customers Globally
  • Over 10,000 Customers Globally
  • Sold out more than 10,000 robots & 1 million cameras
  • 1st 151MP Area Scan Camera
  • VM3.X, Vision Software Platform
  • ID3000 & ID5000 Series
  • Omni-directional Forklift Mobile Robot
Customer-oriented, Keep moving
  • Won LogisticsIQ™ TOP50
  • 1st CE certification of the omni-directional Forklift Mobile Robot in China
  • 1st SIL for the AMR controller globally
  • SC7000 won the golden prize of CMVUMachine Vision
  • ID2000/3000/5000 lead the code-reading trend with AI
19Offices in Chinese Mainland
4 main regions in Chinese Mainland: East China, South China, North China and Central China.
30+Operating Markets
Operate business in 30+ countries and regions

Quality Management

Automatic Assembly and Inspection EquipmentImprove assembly accuracy and reduce tolerances to ensure product consistency
Level-100 Purification RoomImprove assembly accuracy and reduce tolerances to ensure product consistency
Image DetectionTests based on EMVA1288
Secretariat Member of National Logistics Robot Workgroup

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Directive CE Certification, Industry 4.0 Certification

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Qualification & Honor



Social responsibility

Rely on innovative technology and professional experience, Hikrobot helps to build a harmonious society, actively fulfills its social responsibility as an enterprise, and strives to contribute to the sustainable development of society, economy and environment.

CSR vision

Committed to enabling everyone to enjoy the safe quality life.

Business principles

The company strictly implements the relevant laws and regulations at home and abroad, implements the tax liability and import and export responsibility, and builds a responsible


Provide employees a platform for growth and self-fulfillment to help them achieve success.

Environmental protection

Pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, care about the health of its employees, and provide green products for its users.

Social contribution

Adhere to the idea of repaying to the society and encourage its employees to care for the society.

Public welfare undertakings

Hikrobot commits to develop environment-friendly products, aiming to build a green and environmental development path.