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DHL is the first international express and logistics corporation operating in China.

As the largest international express transshipment center in Asia-Pacific area, DHL Shanghai North Asia Hub deals with 120,000 items on average each day.  To meet the efficiency demand brought by the increased business volume and solve the man-to-goods problem, DHL Express introduces Hikrobot intelligent warehousing solution.



The goods of customs inspection are featured by multiple variety, large amount and high time efficiency. 

However, traditional work mode needs people to enter the transferring area and find the goods manually.

It’s hard to meet the demands via manual operation when rush order occurs.


To provide accurate international express service to the customer, Shanghai Asia hub introduced the Hikrobot intelligent warehousing solution. 

The mobile robots work together with Robot Control System (RCS) and the intelligent Warehouse Management System (iWMS). 

Through the integrated solution, fast query, unmanned carrying and digital management of process can be realized.



  •  Reduces labor cost: supports locating rush-order goods, takes only 1 employee to fulfill daily operation.

  •  Improves work efficiency by 33%

  •  Improves space utilization by 40% improving the goods stacking situation, tidies up the working site.

  •  Intelligent warehouse management: iWMS docks with DHL upper system to deliver digitized warehousing; it’s easier to query and manage the statistics.


The implementation of the intelligent warehouse solution in DHL North Asia Hub represents our belief:  “DHL has been promoting the innovation, change and simplification of logistics all the time” and also becomes another exemplar in international express industry.  -cited from the head of the project.



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