Hikvision Surveillance Intelligent Manufacture Basement

Project Background

Hikvision is the worlds’ leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, ranked No.1 in the global video surveillance company during last five years. In 2014, Hikvsion sales revenue hits 2.6 billion US dollars and achieves year-on-year 60% increase. For achieving higher target, Hikvision start the intelligent manufacture project and the project is finished in 2015.

Project Challenges

During the realization of intelligent manufacturing process, Hikvision warehousing logistics and production processes are also faced with intelligent upgrading challenges. Hikvision security industry base (phase I) covers an area of about 370 acres, building area 260,000m , which has 4 raw materials warehouse, a semi-finished product warehouse, 2 finished products warehouses and 6 factory workshop. The distance between workshops is far, the material is diversified and also multi-floor operation has increased the difficulty. At the same time, high frequency of material in-and-out warehouse, and complicated task process makes the management quite difficult.


In order to improve warehouse efficiency and order processing capacity, new basement (phase I) introduced intelligent warehousing and factory logistics solutions, use intelligent mobile robots nearly 800 units, covering 120,000m area. This solution provides and implements by Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd., and covers production and storage modules. This solution real-time manages more than 80,000 SKUs, the cumulative management of materials more than 300,000.


  • No-man Warehousing

With "goods to person" concept, Hikvision intelligent warehouse solution successfully solved huge storage area and high labor intensity, the operator only need stay at console to complete the goods picking and warehousing work. Also this solution decrease the requirements to the operator, no lots of years’ experience accumulation are needed which make new employees onboard very soon.

  • Intelligent warehouse

iWMS can be docked with the upper system, high integration, enhance the efficiency of information exchange. In the basement (phase I), complexly SKU is the key challenge, Hikvision intelligent warehouse solution ensure the orderly conduct of production. In addition, it worth mention that, iWMS can also achieve first-in first-out and heap mapping functions which make stocks run effectively.

Customer Review

  • Hikvision Logistics Director

“Finished products warehouse is 60,000m , use 235 AGVs. Single warehouse can reach 20,000m , use 120 AGVs. Compared to traditional manual
warehouse, Hikvision intelligent warehouse system saved 58% labor cost and increase 84% efficiency.”

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  • HIKVISION "billions" of security industry intelligent manufacturing base

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