Hikrobot Machine Vision products are widely used in industrial automation sectors such as consumer electronics, semiconductors and logistics, carrying out the functions including positioning guidance, measurement, quality inspection, code reading, OCR, etc. They help users to greatly improve productivity, accuracy and stability.

In 2021, we launched a number of new products with more powerful performance and wider applications as below:

  • CS Series Industrial Camera
  • High-speed CXP Camera
  • Ultra-compact Smart Code Reader
  • Flagship Controller VC3000
  • Infinite SC7000

Industrial Camera

CS Series

Reduced by 0.4W in Overall Power Consumption

The cores of CS series, including embedded system architecture and power efficiency, are all got optimized. Temperature of these main components have been greatly reduced, reaching 20% lower than competitors.

2D Noise Reduction

The 2D denoise algorithm, without affecting the target characterization, can filter out its inherent noise to promise the image quality in the full field of view, which also lowers down the resource consumption on PC.

Lossless Compression

The lossless compression algorithm is introduced for bandwidth usage maximization. With its compression ratio as 2, the frame rate will be nearly doubled compared with standard GigE camera, which expands the application scenario significantly.

High-speed CXP Camera

21MP CXP-12

Image Quality

4.5um pixel size

Mini.20us exposure time

190fps @full resolution. ROI supported

Supporting LSC, PRNU, to eliminate optical inconsistencies

Excellent ISP Algorithm

Heat Dissipation Design

Lower Power Consumption/ Outstanding Thermal Desgin

  • 25MP
  • 65MP
  • 21MP
  • ModelMV-CH250-90YM/C
  • SensorGMAX0505
  • Pixel Size2.5μm
  • Resolution5120*5120
  • Max.fps150fps
  • Exposure Time Range12μs-10s
  • InterfaceCXP-12
  • Power Consumption 13W(Fan optional)

Smart Code Reader


Hardware Structure


Integrated Circuit

Manual Focus Knob

Algorithm Capability Set

  • Resolution704*5121408*1024
  • Frame Rate60fps60fps
  • Reading Speed45 codes/ s45 codes/ s
  • Lens MountM12M12
  • LightingRed/ White/ BlueRed/ White/ Blue
  • Dimension46*25*38mm46*25*38mm
  • Protection LevelID65ID65

Flagship Controller “Hot Hatch”


Strong Performance

Equipped with 8th-generation i3 and i5,the VC3000 is able to compete with the previous generation of i5/i7.

Overall power consumption < 60W, excellent cooling design.

Compact Size

With the structure of main and expansion module, flexible options to meet the needs of different applications, is the best choice for multi-camera positioning, monitoring, identification and other vision applications.

High-performance Deep Learning Algorithm

  • Inspection

  • Recognition

  • Classification

SC7000 adopts self-developed deep learning algorithm, which is compatible with various training environments, including consumer electronics, textile, photovoltaic, packaging, etc. .

SC7000 provides a web client that allows users to start debugging by simply entering the camera's web address into the web browser.

Rich Accessories

Red, blue, white, infrared four-color light source provide better imaging

Visible light polarizer, over glare interference