Multiple development modes

  • Graphical interface development

    Graphical software interface, intuitive and easy-to-understand function modules, and fast visual solutions

  • SDK secondary development model

    Customized product development can be completed by using the control and data acquisition interface provided by the VM.

  • Operator design mode

    Package the operator into a unique visual tool and integrate it into the user-defined inspection process.

1000+ image processing operators,
integrated Vision Master

The VM provides more than a thousand completely independently developed image processing operators and a variety of interactive development tools, supporting a variety of image acquisition equipment, and can meet the requirements of positioning, measurement, identification, and detection in the field of machine vision.

  • Positioning

  • Measurement

  • Identification

  • Detection

Efficient positioning tool matching tool can overcome the differences caused by sample translation, rotation, zoom and illumination, and quickly and accurately find the position of geometric objects such as circles, lines, spots, edges, and vertices. Provide location information and presence information, which can be used in robot guidance and other vision tools.

High-performance deep learning algorithm

The VM is equipped with high-performance deep learning algorithms. After a large number of cases, the optimized algorithm can have good adaptability to common detection products. The deep learning algorithm provides algorithm modules such as classification, target detection, character positioning and recognition, and segmentation. Through the built-in graphical data annotation interface, the complete process from collection, training to detection can be completed within the VM.

  • predict the location of various defects in the picture and present it in the form of a heat map

  • including text positioning and character recognition, which are used to predict the text position and the text truth value in the graph respectively.

  • to determine the type of objects in the picture

  • Determine the category of the object appearing in the picture and predict its location

Graphical interface & easy-to-use interaction

The VM provides a fully graphical interactive interface, with intuitive and easy-to-understand function icons, simple and easy-to-use interactive logic and drag-and-drop operation to quickly build a visual solution. The software stood out from more than 7,000 works worldwide in the 2019 China Design Intelligence Awards ("DIA") and won the 2019 DIA Silver Award based on the excellent interactive and visual design, and outstanding user experience.

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Complete external resource management, which can control cameras, IOs, light sources and other equipment.

The VM integrates the SDK of each interface of Hikrobot industrial cameras, smart cameras, vision controllers, etc., and is embedded with efficient and stable occupancy and control logic. It has good compatibility with external device resources and can be established Perfect management mechanism.

  • Camera control

  • IO adjustment

  • Illumination adjustment



Learning and support

We have specially opened the "V College" channel, provide more videos and documents about the Vision Master, including software introductory, advanced, advanced and other related learning content, as well as answers to various questions when using. We hope that users can have a more in-depth study and understanding in this channel.