A Thumbs up to Chinese aerospace industry for successful launch of Long March-5 and Hikvision's safeguarding work

China's new heavy-lift carrier rocket Long March-5 blasted off from the Wenchang satellite launch center at 8:43 p.m. on November 3. The successful launch of Long March-5 marks the latest upgrade and update of China's carrier rockets, whose carrying capacity has become world-leading. A Thumbs up to Chinese aerospace Industry! A salute to Chinese aerospace workers!

Hikvision undertook the mission of safeguarding the airspace surrounding the launch site of Long March-5, which turned out a complete success.

On October 31, The People's Government of Hainan Province issued a notice that in order to ensure the safe and smooth launching of the Long March 5 rocket, it had decided to strengthen the management of the airspace within its jurisdiction during the rocket launching period; all units, organizations and individuals were forbidden to conduct any kind of sports, recreational and advertising flight activities within the airspace of Hainan; the supervision of small aircraft and air materials would be enhanced so as to strictly implement the no-fly regulations.

With the development of UAV technology and the reduction of cost, UAVs are becoming more and more popular. The "black flight" of UAVs affects not only the safety of airspace, but also the public safety on the ground. Therefore, it is imperative to regulate the flight of UAVs.

At the request of Hainan Provincial Public Security Department, Hikvision brought the latest "Defender" Series UAV Jammer to participate in the air security mission for the Long March 5 rocket launching.



Hikvision Defender Series UAV Jammer

The "Defender" Series Jammer is the first anti-UAV defense product developed by Hikvision. By interfering the data link and positioning system of UAV to cut off the communication between UAV and remote control, the product can force the UAV to hover and land automatically or drive it away to ensure the low-altitude airspace security. The product is the security guard for large-scale activities and important places.



In the process of safeguarding, the operator carried a "combat backpack" with an interference "gun" in their hands observing the air situation all the time. An air barrier was formed around the rocket launch site. Once a UAV appeared, it would face the "hail of bullets" with no possibility to escape.



Picture of on-site safeguarding

From the early deployment and the exercise to the actual safeguarding, Hikvision has been following the arrangements of the Public Security Department. As the Long March 5 was successfully launched in the evening of November 3, Hikvision also completed the security mission for the rocket launch. The leadership of Hainan Provincial Public Security Department highly praised the "Defender" Series Jammer for its defensive effects and its features of lightness, portability and easy operation.

The "Defender" Series Jammer can be used not only to maintain the order of large-scale activities, but also to ensure the daily operation of key institutions and important facilities. It is the important equipment for airspace safety management and public safety and security.




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