ITE 2018 | Hikvision Machine Vision‘s Charming Moments in Yokohama

December 5-7, Hikrobot displayed its cutting-edge products at ITE (International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment) 2018. The exhibition showcased products and technologies of machine vision, security, 3D, ITS, and deep learning. Numerous domestic and international exhibitors came with leading machine vision solutions, which would point to the new direction of image processing technologies.


At the exibition, Hikrobot showcased full-range of machine vision products, including standard industrial cameras, line scan cameras, smart cameras, smart code readers, and algorithm platforms. Hikrobot presented the unique performance of these products, and attracted many visitors.


VM algorithm Platform, simple yet powerful


▲ The VM algorithm platform comes with area scan camera to display template matching, code reading, and size measurement, as well as OCR function.


VM algorithm platform supports location guide, dimension measurement, ID recognition and OCR, and defect detection. The self-developed OCR algorithm based on in-depth learning has a recognition rate of more than 99% and can be widely used in identifying production dates, batch numbers of various products, and digital marks.



VPU smart code reader, AI powered high-speed code reading


▲ VPU smart code reader reads high-speed rotating DM codes in real time


High-performance Intel® Movidius™ VPU platform

Built in with an algorithm to efficiently read 1D code and QR code

Diversified IO interfaces

Controllable built-in light source

Built-in deep learning hardcore

Vision sensor, compact size but powerful performance


▲ Vision sensor can detect the presence of medicine box on the turntable


High-performance Intel® Movidius™ VPU platform

Built in with self-developed high-precision locating and measuring algorithm that can detect the presence, direction, position and size of objects

Compact size, specific functions, diversified interfaces, simple configuration



8K industrial line scan camera, high speed object capture


▲ 8K industrial line scan camera is shooting a high-speed rotating roller


8192*4 super resolution CMOS sensor

Cameralink interface, line frequency up to 100 kHz@8bit

Support a number of triggering modes

High imaging quality

Low power consumption



25MP 10GigE Industrial Area Scan Camera, a high bandwidth and low cost solution


▲25MP 10GigE Industrial Area Scan Camera catches the moment of every falling sand


ON Semiconductor global shutter CCD sensor, 4.5 μm pixel size

5120*5120 high resolution, up to 40fps

Ethernet cable ensures 10 GigE transmission

A transmission solution with high bandwidth and low cost

Compatible with the GenICam protocol



Standard industrial cameras, wide coverage and excellent imaging


▲ Imaging of standard industrial cameras


Various interface options

Cover different resolution and frame rate

User-friendly software, and supports multiple-camera browsing and imaging

Diversified, outstanding ISP algorithms ensure perfect imaging quality

Compatible with variety third-party software


Hikrobot's static exhibition section also shows full-range machine vision products, including Hikvision industrial area scan cameras, line scan cameras, 3D cameras, smart cameras and lens.



With years of technological accumulation in imaging collection, image processing, and pattern recognition, Hikvision’s machine vision team focuses on the application of industrial vision sensing and algorithm library software and hardware technologies, to provide outstanding machine vision products and algorithm platform for customers. Hikvision’s products and solutions are extensively used in industrial automation scenarios such as location guide, measurement, defect detection, code reading, and OCR recognition across 3C, electronic semi-conductors, and logistics fields. Hikvision's products support customized development with stable and reliable operation, to substantially raise customers’ working efficiency and accuracy.

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