Back-to-school season | Hikvision made a stage pose at LogiMAT in Germany

Feb. 19-21, LogiMAT 2019, a world well-known platform for intralogistics solutions, kicked off at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, Germany, attracting 1,624 exhibitors from more than 42 countries. Hikrobot  came with multiple intelligent mobile robots, five-side code reading system and other innovative logistics technologies at Booth OG03, Hall 1.


At LogiMAT 2019, Hikrobot creatively combines mobile robots and machine vision products to intuitively present the quick collection of express sheets information on cartons and volume data. As a more flexible carrier of logistics than conveyor belts, mobile robots can work on demand and flexibly adjust routes, fully demonstrating the diversity and flexibility of intralogistics solutions, realizing flexible production lines and improving site utilization.


Quick and accurate code reading for logistics


Hikrobot  five-side code reading system


Instead of conveyor belts, the multi-sided code reading solution adopts the latent robots to carry the cartons with express sheets to the machine vision dynamic area. Then, the Hikrobot five-side code reading system integrates smart reading cameras and line laser 3D cameras to read the express sheets and measure the volumes accurately. With its self-developed code reading algorithm, the system can efficiently read irregular express sheets from multiple directions. With ultra-high reading rate, high flexibility and sound robustness, it has achieved the unmanned collection of arrival data and improved greatly the logistics production efficiency.


“Cargo-Person” smart warehousing


Hikrobot latent mobile robots


In the new scheme, Hikrobot latent mobile robots act as the conveyor belts for logistics warehousing and smart factories. Instead of carrying the shelves, the robots carry the cartons forward at a high speed of 2m/s for code reading. It adopts the visual and Slam navigation for free switch. Support the self-charging and battery exchange in an automated and quick way.


In customer electrincs, automobile manufacturing, e-commerce express delivery, third-party logistics, retail, food and beverage, photovoltaic, medical, tobacco, clothing industries, latent mobile robot can be competent for the "cargo-person" mode in various warehousing operations and the automatic distribution of in-plant logistics, which becomes more cost effective for logistics links and reduces labor intensity of workers.


The conveyer mobile robots cooperate with smart code reader


In addition, Hikrobot demonstrate at Booth H80, Hall 10 which invited by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce. The conveyer robots transfer and sort out the small express packages by flipping cover in a quick and accurate way, mainly presenting unmanned smart robots logistics solutions.


Full series of machine vision products


Hikrobot full series of machine vision products


In the static machine vision area, we also exhibited a variety of Hikrobot standard industrial area scan cameras, line scan cameras, smart cameras and smart code readers. The full series of products have been widely applied in logistics reading field to assist the customers for collection sheets data of express packages in real time, reducing the front-end logistics workers by 50% and improving the collection efficiency by over 35%.


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