Smart Factuory+Automation World 2019 × Hikrobot

March 27-29, the Smart Factory + Automation World 2019 was held at COEX International Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea. Hikrobot showed mobile robots and full series machine vision products at Booth J106, Hall C. This time we focusing on the smart intralogistics solutions for smart factories and the industrial automation core technologies and products in intelligent manufacturing.


Hikrobot Intelligent Warehousing Solution

Hikrobot Intelligent Warehousing Solution creatively combines machine vision with mobile robot products to intuitively present scenes such as in-factory production line feeding, warehousing connection and transportation, etc. Hikvision latent mobile robots carry pallets for point-to-point handling.


With the help of Hikvision IM Series Smart Code Readers, the latent mobile robots can collect the materials data on pallets for the upper-level system, achieving the automated delivery and exchange of logistics data within factories. Thus, operation cost is lowered due to less manpower required.


Hikvision IM Series Smart Code Reader


Movidius VPU platform for parallel high-speed image processing;

Built-in 1D, 2D code reading algorithm;

Optimized lamp cups design;

IP65 protection against harsh industrial environment;


Hikvision Latent Mobile Robot


Visual and laser navigation for free switch;

Two-wheel differential drive with the running speed of 2m/s at most;

Front visual obstacle avoidance: effectively identify the obstacles below the chassis by image analysis;

Support battery exchange in an automated and quick way;

Machine vision product application demonstration


Screen detection application of Hikvision 50MP High-resolution CCD Camera (Left)  

Hourglass falling captured by 31MP Global CMOS HD Camera (Right)

Hikvision 50MP High-resolution CCD Camera


50MP 10440*4800 resolution, up to 4fps frame rate;

4.5 μm pixel size, sound imaging quality;

Global shutter KAI50140 CCD;

Unique TEC refrigeration technology;


Hikvision 31MP Global CMOS Camera


31MP Sony IMX342 global shutter CMOS,up to 17.9 fps frame rate;

Sony Pregius series chip, 3.45um pixel size;

4-Ch CXP-6 interfaces, ultra-high transmission bandwidth;

Low reading noise, high dynamic range;


Hikvision 4K/8K Industrial Line Scan Camera is shooting a high-speed rotating roller

Hikvision 4K/8K Industrial Line Scan Camera


4096/8192 pixel CMOS chip;

Up to 50/80kHz line frequency;

Support a number of triggering modes;

Sound imaging quality;

Low energy consumption;


Hikvision Standard Industrial Cameras are shooting the magnetic levitation globe

Hikvision Standard Industrial Camera


Multiple interfaces;

Excellent Sensor platform;

Full range of resolution, frame rate coverage;

Outstanding ISP algorithms ensure perfect imaging quality;


Hikvision Open Platform's template matching functions (Left)   

Vision Sensor defect detection application (Right)

Hikvision Open Platform


Provide open platforms and support secondary development;

Diversified SDK interfaces;

Support multiple communications;

IP67 protection;


Hikvision Vision Sensor


Built-in hardware platform for high speed image processing;

Built-in positioning, measuring and detection tools;

Support the existence, direction, size and location detection;

Easy to use with rich interfaces;


Full series machine vision products


Hikvision full series machine vision products

At this exhibition, Hikvision has showcased its self-developed Hikvision industrial area scan camera, line scan camera, smart camera, smart code reader, stereo camera, vision controller, lens and other machine vision products, including its 150MP ultra-high resolution camera just released at the new product launch on March 21.


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