CIIF2019| Hikrobot Empowers Smart Manufacturing with AI

The 21st China International Industry Fair (CIIF2019) opened on Sep.17, and Hikrobot was invited to attend the opening ceremony. Based on the “Empowering Smart Manufacturing with AI", Hikrobot has launched a full range of machine vision products covering high-resolution industrial cameras, smart cameras and smart code readers.

We also cooperate with many enterprises including China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), Intel, SIEMENS, EPSON, Maxnerva, AUBO, and Hsrobotics to fully demonstrate more efficient and flexible industrial solutions.


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Highlighted Products

150MP Ultra-High Resolution Camera

Equipped with a Sony IMX411 back-illuminated rolling shutter CMOS chip, it features the CoaXPress data interface, ultra-high transmission bandwidth, high dynamic range, and low readout noise to ensure excellent image quality, which is perfect for applications such as panel inspection and PCB AOI.



▲150MP Ultra-High Resolution Camera is shooting a precision work piece


Standard Product

We brought multi-series cameras including CE series, CA series, and CH series with resolution ranging from 300,000 to 150 million pixels. They deliver premium image quality with high-quality CCD or CMOS chips, rich interfaces, and excellent ISP algorithms.


▲The camera are shooting the magnetic levitation globe.


Smart Product

SC2000 Series Vision Sensor is a smart camera based on image analysis to detect the presence of product or component. It demonstrates a variety of error-proofing detection on pillboxes.



▲SC2000 Series Vision Sensor is doing error-proof detection.


Machine Vision VM Algorithm Platform 3.1 encapsulates more than one thousand kinds’ image processing operators, to constitute a powerful visual analysis tool library. Without programming, the machine vision application system can be quickly constructed through simple and flexible configuration.



▲VM Algorithm Platform is demonstrating a tool for high-speed matching and high-precision positioning.


With the great accumulation of machine vision business lines in the field of deep learning technology, the VM algorithm platform witnesses many tools involved in deep learning OCR, classification, defect detection, and training, and creatively combines the deep learning tool with the conventional image processing tool to enhance the application capabilities in practice.


In conjunction with the VC4000 Series Vision Controller, we have developed a deep learning classification algorithm that can distinguish 30 items and a target detection algorithm that can identify a currency type in a short time.


▲VM Algorithm Platform is demonstrating deep learning OCR and target detection algorithm



Card Readers

ID3000 Series Smart Code Reader employs the Intel® MovidiusTM platform for high-speed image processing. The 0.4 MP and 1.6 MP resolution models are available to efficiently read a wide range of barcodes in the industrial field.


The ID5000 Series Smart Code Reader, available in the 1.6 MP and 6 MP resolution models, employs the mechanical autofocus lens for imaging and debugging. With the high-performance decoding algorithm, it can effectively overcome the issues such as barcode damage, low contrast, and poor printing quality, to meet the industry need for reading a variety of barcodes.


In addition, the machine vision also presents a rich product line in the static exhibition area, covering a full range of machine vision products such as proprietary industrial cameras, smart cameras, smart code readers, 3D cameras, vision controllers, algorithm platforms, and lenses.


Hikrobot products are also presented at other booths:


@ CETC (5.2H N109)

At the CETC booth, Hikrobot exhibited a variety of machine vision products such as industrial vision arrays, line arrays, board-level cameras, and smart code readers. We also take wonderful cases to demonstrate the popular applications of mobile robot products in many industries involved in 3C, automobile manufacturing, e-commerce express, third-party logistics, retail, food and beverage, photovoltaics, medical care, tobacco, and clothing.




@ Intel (5.2H B005)

Hikrobot demonstrated the perfect application of Intel chip technologies in smart cameras. The SC2000 series vision sensor, based on the Intel® MovidiusTM embedded platform and built-in high-performance visual algorithm, can be applied in the fields of automobile parts, food and drug production to achieve error-proof detection for presence, orientation, position, and size, etc.


@ SIEMENS (6.1H D094)

At the SIEMENS booth, the ID3000 series smart code readers are exhibited, and they can effectively cope with the complex reading environment in the industrial field.


@ AUBO (7.1H B009)

At the AUBO booth, the industrial camera is equipped with a robotic arm to demonstrate the application for positioning.


@ EPSON (8.1H A225)

The Composite Series Robot employs laser SLAM navigation to select the driving route and avoid obstacles based on the situations. Equipped with an EPSON robotic arm, it demonstrates automatic picking and handling of bulk materials.



@ Maxnerva (5.2H B150)

The latent series robots are dynamically presented at the Maxnerva booth. They use visual and laser hybrid navigation, with the positioning accuracy in millimeters, to realize flexible obstacle avoidance, self-charging and automatic battery replacement.



@ Hsrobotics (7.1H E019)

At the Hsrobotics booth, a moving series robot on display is equipped with a drum-type moving mechanism, and used with the Hsrobotics robot arm to accurately interface with the analog production line.


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