Hikrobot at CeMAT Asia 2019| Unlock Continuous Logistics

Oct. 23-26th, CeMAT Asia 2019 is held in Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre. Based on the “Empowering Smart Manufacturing with AI", Hikrobot brought a full range of mobile robots(LMR, FMR, AMR, etc.) and machine vision code reading solution.



Mobile Robot

Forklift Mobile Robot

The Omni-directional forklift mobile robot (FMR) configures with steering wheel and supports moving in any direction, and rotation on spot. The SLAM navigation system helps it deliver high-precision positioning, narrow-body design enables it to move smoothly in narrow spaces, and saves more space for storage.




With the pick-and-place actuator and the auto-picking software, it can deliver unmanned picking and carrying. It's designed for narrow-roadway shelf scenario, capable of handling multiple SKUs at the same time.



Latent Mobile Robot

  • Q7S

The brand new Q7S halved the thickness while maintaining the load capacity. With 1000kg-capacity and 15cm-height, it supports omni-directional movement to bring itself into full play.



  • Q3 and Q7

Q3 and Q7- our hot-sales latent mobile robots are running smoothly in the field. With laser ranging technology, it moves underneath the skew rack, and adjusts its position straightly.



Battery Swap Station

The battery swap station provides one-stop battery replacement service for the mobile robots. It cuts the charging time, improves the working efficiency, delivers nonstop operation.



Robot Control System

Hikrobot Robot Control System (RCS) supports dispatch multi-series robots to deliver better collaborative operation and simplify the management.




Machine Vision

6-sided DWS

With high-resolution smart code readers and 8K line-scan camera as its core components, the 6-sided #DWS system can complete the identification of the parcel efficiently, no matter how it's placed.



Parcel Tracking System

The Parcel Tracking System supports locating multiple parcels in the field of view, and forewarning the unreadable parcel. It also provides smart search function to help users search the parcel info according to needs. With PTS, the whole logistic process is visible and traceable.


Inbound Scanning System

The inbound scanning system consists of line laser 3D camera, smart code reader, and panoramic industrial camera. It supports contour segmentation, independent code reading and unreadable parcel locating. With the massive data processing ability, it can deal with more than 10,000 parcels per hour.


In addition, the machine vision also presents a rich product line in the static exhibition area, covering a full range of machine vision products such as proprietary industrial cameras, smart cameras, smart code readers, 3D cameras, vision controllers, algorithm platforms, and lenses.


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