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Key Feature

  • Adopts visual and inertial navigation, and supports moving forward and backward, small radius of rotating, and high positioning accuracy

  • Supports smooth motions, moving speed up to 1.5m/s

  • Capable of carrying or moving several work bins with each weighing up to 50kg

  • Supports multi-level electrical threshold, auto-charge and back to work on battery dependency

  • Multi-safety protection: contains bumper strip, scram button and laser obstacle avoidance and audio alarm, etc.

  • Adopts indicator to prompt battery and device status

  • Supports wireless communication and roaming in network covered area

  • Supports customizing to be applicable to different scenarios

Typical Application

Warehousing and logistics industries include e-commerce, electronics manufacturing, tobacco, textiles, machine, etc.


Index Parameter
Basic Parameters
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1650 x 818 x 2605 mm
Min. rotation diameter 2350 mm
Min. ground clearance 20 mm
Weight 450 kg
Rated load 50 kg x 5 (250 kg)
Motion Performance
Operating speed (empty/loaded) 1500 mm/s, 1160 mm/s
Navigation accuracy ±10 mm
Stop angle accuracy ±1°
Stop position accuracy ±10 mm
Rated voltage 48 V
Charging cycle 1500 times (deep charge and discharge)
Capacity 30 Ah
Endurance 6 to 8 h
Charging time ≤1.5 h (deep charge and discharge)
Other Parameters
Navigation mode Visual + inertial navigation
Driving mode Differential-driving
Motion mode Move forward, move backward, turn 360°
Working noise ≤ 70 dB
Safety performance
Laser obstacle avoidance Front/Rear
Bumper strip Front
Scram button Front/Lateral
Audio alarm Supports
Executing Structure/Rack Parameters
Workbin dimension 400 mm to 600 mm x 400 mm x 100 mm to 310 mm
Number of rack layer 5
Load capacity per rack 50 kg
Load capacity for lifting 50 kg
Max. lifting height 2145 mm
Min. lifting height 280 mm
Min. rack height 290 mm
Lifting speed (empty/loaded) 500 mm/s, 450 mm/s
Descending speed (empty/loaded) 500 mm/s, 450 mm/s
Rack positioning accuracy ±3 mm
Goods taking method Rotatory forking and holding
Telescopic fork speed (empty/loaded) 1000 mm/s, 500 mm/s
Telescopic fork stopping accuracy ±2 mm
Max. rotating speed 120 °/s
Rotating stopping accuracy ±0.1°


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