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Key Feature

  • Standard vehicle body and pallet carrying

  • Supports customized level 2 & 3 gantry and fork dimension. The maximum gantry height is 4 m.

  • Adopts laser slam navigation to achieve accurate positioning

  • Adopts smooth motion control and max. speed of 1.5 m/s

  • Supports battery management system and auto charging in low battery level

  • Multi-safety protection: laser and infrared obstacle avoidance, loading detection, bumper strip, scram button and sound alarm

  • Standard pallet carrying (800 x 1000, 1000 x 1200): supports carrying and lifting of goods within the weight of 2000 kg.

  • Adopts display screen and indicator to show device status in real time

  • Supports wireless communication and roaming in network covered area


Index Parameter
Basic Parameters
Dimension 2211 mm x 1068 mm x 2190 mm
Weight (with battery) 1390 kg
Rated load 1600 kg
Load center distance 600 mm
Min. ground clearance 31.5 mm
Driving wheel dimension Φ 230 mm x 75 mm
Wheelbase 1293 mm
Fork-ground distance 85 mm
Fork dimension 55 mm x 180 mm x 1150 mm
Fork outer width 570 mm/680 mm
Applicable pallet dimension 1200 mm x 1000 mm
Motion Performance
Rated operating speed 0 mm/s to 1500 mm/s
Operating accuracy ± 10 mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ± 5 mm
Max. climbing gradient 5 % (rated load)/8 % (empty load)
Fork lifting speed 90 mm (rated load)/120 mm (empty load)
Fork descending speed 90 mm (rated load)/120 mm (empty load)
Min. turning radius 1780 mm
Min. aisle width 2750 mm
Rated voltage 24 V
Capacity 200 Ah
Charge cycle 1500 times in full charging/ discharging
Endurance 6 h to 8 h
Charge time ≤ 3 h (60 A current)
Charge board installation 3-electrode at side
Other Parameters
Driving Front-wheel driving and turning
Navigation Laser slam
Working noise < 75 dB
Manual operation Supports
Safety performance
Laser obstacle avoidance Four sides
Bumper strip/fork infrared Supports
Pallet in-position detection Supports
Goods detection/scram button Supports
Sound and light alarm 1500 times in full charging/ discharging


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