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Intelligent Warehouse Management System

The use of robotic system as the implementation of the carrier, iWMS integrated a variety of storage optimization technology to achieve random storage of materials to improve the utilization of storage space; real-time dynamic adjustment of hot and cold zone materials to improve the efficiency of the library; through historical data analysis, Mining the correlation between materials, and develop appropriate storage strategy to improve the efficiency of the library; and video surveillance Internet, real-time view of the operation of the scene. Intelligent storage management system is stable and reliable, good compatibility, and business ERP system fully functional docking.
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Product Overview

Using the robot system as the implementation media and integrated with a variety of warehouse optimization technologies, the iWMS can realize random storage of materials to improve the utilization of the storage space, while conducting real-time dynamic adjustment of materials in hot and cold areas to improve the outbound delivery efficiency.By analyzing the historical operation data, the iWMS is capable of figuring out the relationship between materials and formulating appropriate inbound delivery policies to improve the efficiency of outbound delivery. Besides, it can be connected with a video surveillance system to dynamically monitor the on-site operation in real time. With high reliability and good compatibility, the iWMS can be integrated with all features of enterprise ERP system.



·Supports various warehousing needs, including purchase inbound delivery, production inbound delivery, materials requisition and finished products outbound delivery;

·Supports various inventory needs;

·Dynamically adjusts shelf positions by analyzing the storage position of a warehouse;

·Automatically recommends shelf arrangements;

·Flexible and configurable inbound and outbound policies;

·Flexible and rigorous management of permission assignment;

·Supports full-function integration with the upper business system ERP;

·Enables warehousing visualization


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