Mobile Robot


In light of the large parking demands in urban areas, Hikvision smart parking robot system can automatically guide vehicles to park in a more efficient, standard and compact way, reducing vehicle scratch accidents and static traffic conflicts.

Figure 1: Flow Diagram of Parking and Retrieval of Cars via Smart Parking System


Hikvision smart parking system is mainly composed of the parking space optimization management system, the parking space dynamic adjustment system, the automatic parking robot control system and the parking lot operation platform:

Figure 2: Structure of Smart Parking Robot System


· The subsystem of parking space optimization management improves the parking density;

· The subsystem of parking space dynamic adjustment improves the efficiency of car retrieval;

· The subsystem of automatic parking robot control is responsible for the optimal allocation of tasks, multi-robot route planning and robot traffic management, etc.;

· With the parking lot operation platform, users can query the status of the parking lot, make an appointment for car retrieval and parking, and use other functions via the mobile APP.

Application Advantages

The system is applicable to all types of smart garage programs, featured by ease of use and high flexibility. The system can simultaneously dispatch 500 smart parking robots for operation, enabling a process of retrieving a car for just two minutes. In addition, unmanned management and intensive parking can be realized in smart garages, with an increase in space utilization of more than 40%, effectively solving the problem of parking.


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