Unlike the applications of aerial vehicles for civil use, in actual public security affairs, the requirements for multi-rotor drones are related to business needs and technical needs: 

With regard to business needs, aerial vehicles are required to have the abilities of emergency treatment, prevention and control of hot spots, deployment control of arrests, fire rescue, emergency rescue and disaster relief, and border patrols.

With regard to technical needs, aerial vehicles are required to be easy to assemble and disassemble, have long battery life, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability, and be integrated into the video surveillance system of public security.


The aerial vehicles for police force can be used in two ways. When used alone, the aerial vehicle can employ the build-in 3G/4G module as the transmission link to transmit the surveillance videos captured to the video network of public security. The aerial vehicles can also be placed on the mobile command vehicle or video surveillance vehicle to complete video capture and transmission through the video surveillance equipment and transmission link inside the vehicles.

Application Advantages

· Strong anti-interference ability

An industrial-level digital radio station with over 60,000 kinds of frequency hopping sequences is used as the controller, ensuring the absolute control for aerial vehicle flight by ground stations even in a complex wireless environment.

· Industrial-level reliability

It can work normally under force 6 wind. When the speed per hour is up to 120 km, it can still stably transmit 8M videos. The waterproof design for the vehicle body can guarantee its normal use in the light rain.

· Flexible and stable monitoring

The pan-tilt has a self-stabilizing system and an independent attitude measurement sensor, which can ensure stable footage in harsh environments, thus achieving 360° monitoring. 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom allow the aerial vehicle to clearly identify the license plate of ground vehicles when flying high in the sky.

· Strong video transmission ability

Hikrobot aerial vehicle takes the microwave technology as a video image transmission channel, with a radius of coverage up to 10 km. It is ideal for public security tasks in complex environments and with a wide monitoring scope.

· Seamless integration with video monitoring system

The aerial vehicle video surveillance protocol is developed in accordance with the national standard for video surveillance (GB/T 28181-2011) to ensure that the drone video is able to seamlessly integrate with the video surveillance system of public security.



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