Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


With the increasing of transportation infrastructure and equipment, China faces great challenges in transportation management. Therefore, it is of vital importance to make full use of and explore the potential of the existing assets by means of informatization to improve the operation efficiency of the transportation infrastructure and equipment and ensure smooth road network. The problems in highway monitoring, road and bridge facilities inspection and safety inspection for the roads under construction are as follows:

         · Monitoring cannot be fully covered due to wide territorial scope;

        · Large patrol and inspection workload due to relatively long intervals;

        · Less operation and maintenance staff for more large parking lots and turnouts;

        · Personal safety issue of inspection personnel;

        · Cannot carry out safety spot check for roads under construction. 

UAVs' long-range shooting and inspection can solve these problems and effectively reduce the safety risks to personnel.


UAV operators can control the UAV within the visual distance via a remote controller. For UAV that flies beyond the visual distance, the automatic flight path of UAV can be set through the ground station and the real-time videos can be previewed. With the technologies of digital microwave image transmission and digital frequency hopping transmission, Hikrobot UAV provides longer image transmission and control distance than other UAVs and can meet the requirements of mobile and ultra-distance monitoring. 

Back-end dispatch center can directly view the real-time videos transmitted by UAVs via the ground station, or remotely transmit the images shot by UAVs to the command center via the 3/4G network and wired network for scientific decision-making and judgment by the commanders.

Application Advantages

· Quick emergency response

UAV aerial remote sensing system is compact, lightweight and easy to carry, and can quickly reach the targeted monitoring area in case of emergent tasks. In addition, it is easy to operate and can be prepared, deployed and launched quickly. Apart from the features of fast flying and imaging, the high-precision equipment on the UAV can capture the monitoring results in a short time to achieve rapid acquisition of remote sensing data.

· Free from environmental restriction

UAV aerial remote sensing system will show its unique advantages in carrying out disaster investigation and assessment and rescue command in danger areas as the staff cannot reach the target area.

· Data acquisition under the cloud

UAV aerial remote sensing system can fly under the clouds, which makes up the defects that the images cannot be obtained as the satellite optical remote sensing and ordinary manned aerial remote sensing are blocked by the clouds.

· Personal protective

By leveraging the independent operation and ground remote control, the UAV remote sensing system can avoid safety risks of flight personnel when implementing aerial remote sensing missions.

· Low image acquisition cost

UAV system has lower procurement and operation costs and less sites and personnel requirements than those of the manned airplane. It is easy to maintain and can greatly reduce the acquisition cost of remote sensing data.


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