Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


In recent years, occasional violent and terrorist incidents in railway services and chaotic holiday rush have posed great challenges to the surveillance and coordination of train stations, where the panorama and traffic situation should be under control. Here are some problems with the routine inspection of rolling stock depots and parking lots, including track inspection and overhead contact system inspection:

         · Large patrol and inspection workload due to relatively long intervals;

        · Less operation and maintenance staff for more large parking lots and turnouts;

        · Difficulty in the inspection of overhead contact system, and inability to discover problems from the ground;

        · Personal safety issue of inspection personnel.

 Monitoring the power station using UAV can help locate hidden danger and failure of the power station, lowering personnel security risks.



Hikvision UAV-MX4080A Eagle Series UAV supports track planning, one-button take-off and one-button landing, and is powered by the technologies of digital microwave image transmission and digital frequency hopping transmission. It has longer image transmission and control distances than ordinary UAVs to meet the mobile and ultra-distance monitoring needs. At the work site, the UAV system can transmit the real-time videos and images captured to the ground station for decision-making by the command center and analysis by experts.

Application Advantages

· Independent pan-tilt

30X optical zoom; H.264/H.265 1080p HD; independent attitude measurement sensor; support three types of motion: rotation, pitching and rolling; pan-tilt self-stabilizing system; support pan-tilt follow or direction locking;

· Stable image transmission

Digital microwave transmission provides strong diffraction; stable image transmission in wind farms and hydropower stations and other mountain regions with visibility restriction and obstacles; up to 10km transmission distance with stable images in areas with good visibility; support high-speed mobile wireless transmission between a fixed point and a mobile point, as well as between one mobile point and another mobile point;

· Visualization management

UAV system can be seamlessly integrated into the current video surveillance system, extending the industrial visualization management, and achieving coordination and linkage with other resources of the central platform.



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