The drones can be operated manually via remote control or be set up via the ground station for its flight track and other missions. The pan-tilt attached to the aerial vehicle can transmit the image in real time to the ground station through the image transmitting device on the vehicle. The flight information of the aerial vehicle can be transferred to the ground station via data transmission link. The ground station can employ Ethernet port or 4G network to send the images and flight data to the command center, providing on-site information to the command staff.

Application Advantages

· Ultra-efficient mobility

Drone can perform all-round monitoring without space restrictions, enable quick response and improve the efficiency of inspection. It can avoid staff from working in high-risk or inaccessible areas, so as to protect their personal safety.

· Ultra-long distance monitoring

Operating radius is up to 10 km. In case of emergencies, drones can immediately monitor the accident area in real time and generate high-resolution image data in a short time.

· Ultra-high-resolution image acquisition

High-resolution images allow us to visually identify suspects. With 30X optical zoom, Hikrobot drone can generate 1080p high-definition images and allows visual identification of the targets and objects within the region.

· Ultra-stable images

Hikrobot drone is provided with a pan-tilt self-stabilizing system and an independent attitude measurement sensor, which supports three types of motion including rotation, pitching and rolling. The pan-tilt self-stabilizing system supports pan-tilt follow or direction locking, which enables drone to acquire stable real-time images in flight.

· Ultra-long transmission and control distance

With the technology of digital microwave transmission, Hikrobot drone is featured with strong diffraction and stable image transmission with the transmission distance of up to 10km in the areas with good visibility. Boasting the capability of high-speed mobile wireless transmission, it supports wireless transmission between a fixed point and a mobile point, as well as between one mobile point and another mobile point.

· Seamless integration into the same platform

Drone system can be seamlessly integrated into the video surveillance system, extend the industrial visual management, and achieves coordination and linkage with other resources of the central platform.



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