Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Due to China's vast territory and relatively complex terrain with more hills than plains, the climate varies greatly from time to time, posing great challenges to the construction of cross-regional power grid and EHV transmission projects in China. Additionally, the existing inspection methods and routine tests cannot deliver the desired outcome efficiently in post-project maintenance.

By contrast, the UAV system provides real-time, cost-effective, responsive and highly flexible solutions, thus playing a vital role in disaster and emergency management and contributing to power grid inspection and project construction and planning.



The control signals and videos between the ground station and UAVs are transmitted through the microwave. Through settings with the ground station software, one-button take-off, one-button landing, track flight and other functions of UAV can be achieved. UAV will transmit the video shot back to the ground station in real time, and the videos can be displayed on the PAD in ground station. Ground station is provided with a built-in SD card to store the videos shot by UAV in real time UAV, and the videos will be transmitted to the central platform through 4G signal or network cable for presentation.

Application Advantages

· Flexible applications of UAVs

Eagle series UAVs are featured by easy to carry, simple operation, rapid response, heavy load, wide use purposes, low environmental requirements on take-off and landing;

· Fast inspection speed and high efficiency

UAV inspection improves the speed and efficiency of power maintenance and repair, so that many operations can be quickly completed in a fully charged environment with guaranteed electricity safety. Relevant information shows that: UAV inspection has 40 times of work efficiency compared with the efficiency of manual inspection;

· Guaranty of personnel security

UAV for routine transmission line inspection can reduce the labor intensity. Compared with the manned helicopter inspection, it can improve the safety of inspection operators and reduce the costs.

· Quick response and timely feedback

UAVs have the characteristics of fast inspection and emergency speed, which can find out defects and provide information in time to avoid the accident power failure of power lines and recoup the high power loss.



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