Machine Vision


Hikvision Defect Detection System adopts stationary detecting method to the bearing defects by acquiring, identifying and analyzing the bearing images, making it a very important tool to improve product quality. It consists of a defect detection subsystem and a control subsystem, offering photo capturing, data transmission and defect analysis features to provide real-time monitoring on the bearing quality.



Figure: System Structural Diagram


· Defect Detection Subsystem:

It consists of industrial camera, industrial lens, fill light unit, switch, IPC, etc., and is used for bearing image acquisition, defect detection and result output.

· Control Subsystem:

It consists of PLC controller, machine action unit and audible and visual alarm and performs defect management, machine action or audible and visual alarm based on the signals output by IPC. This subsystem is generally configured by the integrator or customer.

System Features

· Fast detection speed: 

up to 166.7cm/s

· High detection accuracy:


· Detection category: 

support missed stich, holes, dirty yarn, greasy dirt, oil needle and open wire

· Intelligent detection: 

accurate record of the time and location of the defect, and the classification of the count. After the end of the test, the report sent to the host computer and ERP system to help enterprises optimize the process.

· Real-time detection system: 

acquisition and transmission of defect information in real time, reducing the waste cloth to bring the waste


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