Machine Vision

System Overview

Hikvision logistics sensing system adopts fixed scan mode to achieve the collection, identification, management and analysis of the digital codes on the package, greatly improving the barcode processing speed and accuracy, and industry-specific business features such as package tracking record and data cloud connectivity to facilitate the integration of things. The system consists of logistics sensing system, transmission system and back-end system:



Figure: System Structural Diagram


· Logistics sensing system:

Includes trigger, code reading and image acquisition. The system can output the standard coding format according to the communication protocol and expand the volume measurement module based on specific user demands to realize the fast volume measurement.

· Transmission system:

The industrial switch is used to carry out reasonable match according to the on-site conditions to ensure the stable and efficient transmission of data.

· Back-end system:

Third-party processing software, machine and audible and visual alarm for data management and results feedback after code reading.


· Automatic scanning for inbound delivery

· Information collection and packaging at the weighing table

· Information collection prior to sorting

· Automatic scanning for outbound delivery

System Features

· High code-reading accuracy: >99.99%

· Quick code generation: <100ms

· Wide field of view: The width of the horizontal field of view of a single 5MP camera can be up to 400mm.

· Supports mobile code reading: Applicable to the transmission speed of 1m/s or lower

· Support a variety of barcodes: code128, interleaved 2/5 code, code39 and codebar

· Standard communication interface: Reliable communication with MES and ERP systems


*Note: Standard installation condition


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